Drivers in Texas may have good reason to hold on to their older model vehicles. Some cars can run for up to 300,000 miles and last a good 15 years. Besides, new vehicles are expensive, and even the maintenance can cost more for them than for older cars. However, many owners of older cars neglect to do routine maintenance on them, and this puts everyone on the road at risk.

The Ohio Highway Patrol analyzed the rate of car crashes involving defective equipment and found that in the past three years, 56% of such crashes in Ohio were caused by vehicles made between 1999 and 2008. Twenty-four percent involved model year 2009-2018 vehicles.

The two most common factors in these crashes were tire blowouts and brake failure. This means that the majority of the defect-related crashes could have been prevented. Failure to maintain a vehicle can lead to a fatality, too. Blown tires were responsible for 42% of defect-related crashes that ended in death.

The Ohio Insurance Institute noted an increase in the average age of vehicles in its state. It went from 9.6 years in 2002 to 11.8 years in 2020. One thing that dissuades many people from buying a new car is the cost of parts. A bumper replacement, for instance, may cost $1,000 because of the electronics.

When motor vehicle accidents involve a defective part, the first question that victims will want to ask is who was at fault. If the driver could not have known about the defect, then it might be the fault of the automaker. To learn how they can pursue a personal injury case, victims may consult a lawyer. An accident attorney may have a team of investigators and other experts who can help build up a case before negotiations begin.