Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds a nationwide event called Brake Safety Week. For one week, inspectors conduct random roadside inspections of commercial trucks, and if a truck has some brake-related violation, it is placed out of service. Truckers in Texas should be aware that the 2020 Brake Safety Week has been scheduled for August 23 to 29. August, incidentally, is Brake Safety Awareness Month.

For the 2020 event, the CVSA will have a special focus on brake tubes and hosing because if these are not in good working order, they can impact the vehicle’s overall safety and mechanical fitness. Inspectors will check to see that these components are attached right, free of leaks, flexible and undamaged.

In 2019, 13.5% of the trucks pulled over for this inspection spree had to be given out-of-service orders. During another annual CVSA event, the International Roadcheck, brake-related violations always seem to be prominent. Brake system and adjustment violations composed 45.1% of OOS violations in 2019.

The unfortunate thing is that some fleets will not bother to encourage truck safety. As fleets can be hit-and-miss when it comes to quality, truckers wondering what fleets are the best should consider the yearly results of the Truckload Carriers Association’s “Best Fleets to Drive For” contest. Companies are ranked by factors like safety practices and benefits.

Even when fleets uphold safety standards, though, they may be held liable for any truck accidents an employee causes. As for independent owner-operators who crash, their auto insurance company may face a claim. Victims, for their part, may want to speak with a lawyer about who they are to hold liable and how much they might be eligible for in damages. They may enlist the lawyer’s help for the claim, especially when the time comes for negotiations.