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We Even The Odds In A Slip-And-Fall Case

When you slip-and-fall on someone’s property, you may wonder what you can do about your injuries and medical bills. You may be surprised that you can suffer such a painful injury from a fall. The property owner or, more likely, their insurance company, may try to blame you for the injury or deny any responsibility. Don’t let them get away with it. Talk with an experienced personal injury lawyer to find out the truth about your case.

At The Sutton Law Firm, we know you face an uphill battle against the insurance companies, and we want to even those odds. Attorney Will Sutton will use his legal experience of over a decade to fight for the compensation you deserve. We care about the outcome of your case and how it will affect your future.

Understanding Premises Liability

Premises liability covers the legal concept of an accident that takes place on someone else’s property. Slipping and falling is just one example of this type of personal injury accident. Texas law requires property owners to keep their premises reasonably safe for guests and others they invite onto the premises. If they have a dangerous condition, they must fix it or warn their guests of it.

For example, store owners have a responsibility to make sure their floors and entryways are clear of slippery spots or debris and that items are stocked safely on shelves so they do not fall on customers. Another example is a dog bite. If a dog bites you on the dog owner’s property, it is a clear premises liability claim. Even if a dog bites you outside the owner’s property, we still consider it related to premises liability because the dog is the owner’s property and the owner is responsible for the dog’s actions.

If a property owner fails in their duty and a guest ends up injured because of that failure, the guest could hold the property owner liable for those injuries. The guest must show that the injuries caused the damages they are asking for in their claim.

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