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An Unwavering Advocate For You After A Trucking Accident

Trucks can cause catastrophic damage when they collide with a car, including to the passengers of that car. If you suffer an injury in a truck collision, you may lose time at work, have to replace your vehicle and must manage your medical bills, not to mention undergoing medical care for the pain and suffering you endure on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, you cannot expect help for any of these matters from the company responsible for the accident, or their insurance company. You need an advocate fighting for you. At The Sutton Law Firm, we put our personal injury clients first in every case. We will review your case for free, and only charge attorney fees if we recover damages for you. We never charge upfront fees. In addition, our entire staff is bilingual. Se habla español.

Why Are Trucking Accident Cases So Complicated?

In a typical car accident in Texas, the drivers involved each has car insurance and exchange that information. The insurance company for the driver at fault will often offer the other driver compensation for damage and injuries. When one of those drivers is a commercial driver, however, identifying liability is not so simple.

Perhaps the truck driver suffered from driver fatigue or ignored unsafe driving conditions. Even if fault is clear, you will have to deal with the driver’s employer, and possibly other companies that may own the trailer, loaded the trailer, own the goods in transit or manufactured a defective part on the truck. You need an experienced truck accident lawyer to correctly identify all the parties involved in your accident.

In addition, trucking accidents often cause serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury or even death. You or a family member may face lifelong medical care for permanent injuries. We will make sure you fully understand your medical condition and the care you will need in the future before you accept any settlements offered. We are prepared to take the fight to trial, if necessary, to provide you with what you will need to lead a healthy life.

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