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Companies Should Pay When Defective Products Hurt You

When companies put a product on the shelves, they have a duty to make sure that product is safe for the people who buy it. As long as you use a product the way the manufacturer intended, it should not injure you or make you sick. Unfortunately, some companies care more about profits than they do about their customers. If a defective product hurts you, the company manufacturing it should have to pay the price.

At The Sutton Law Firm, we fight hard for our injured clients. When someone else’s negligence hurts you or a loved one, we are ready to hold them accountable. Our attorney, Will Sutton, has over a decade of legal experience and he will stand by you throughout your personal injury case. We serve clients throughout the Austin area and our entire staff is bilingual.

Texas Products Liability Cases Are Complicated

Texas has specific laws that cover products liability that allow you to recover for property damage, injury or death caused by a defective product. You can sue either the manufacturer or seller, depending on the situation. You have a time limit of 15 years from your purchase to bring the action.

Building a products liability case is complicated and requires knowledge of the faulty merchandise involved. We understand how to find expert witnesses who can identify and explain the defect in the product. We also know the legal theories involved regarding liability, negligence, poor labeling and the role of warranties. You need an attorney who is dedicated to seeing your case through. Attorney Will Sutton knows the law and he will fight for you all the way to trial, if necessary.

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